Travel Accessories (Luxuries?)

I picked up all of the above from a shop called Savers (Appropriately) for just £12.35! The purchases were made with my caravan holiday… … in mind but also with a view to camping. Certainly the foldable toothbrushes (49p each!) and the matches (69p) will come in handy when out and about with theContinue reading “Travel Accessories (Luxuries?)”

Les Machines de L’ile

Today, we’re sticking with yesterday’s French theme… Situated on what is technically an island in the River Seine, Les Machines de L’ile… is an island… with machines! You’ll discover a variety of creatures and vehicles amongst the creations. Though I sat in some sort of moving contraption and my wife went on aContinue reading “Les Machines de L’ile”

Lauterbrunnen, Jungfrau and Basle

We drove from the north of England to Switzerland. Well, I was a passenger. Maybe I’ll share my own European driving adventures in future posts! We camped in Lauterbrunnen. It was beautiful. Sandwiched between steep solid rock complimented by a stunning narrow waterfall and chalky stream. We headed up Jungfrau on the train. Workers inContinue reading “Lauterbrunnen, Jungfrau and Basle”

Oban, Kerrera, Lismore, Mull and Iona

Yesterday, I posted about Neil Ansell’s trips to Scotland… Today, I post about one of my own! It was about a seven hour drive. We stopped after around an hour for refreshments but after that I felt fine so just kept going, didn’t stop for six hours! The campsite at Oban was fair enough.Continue reading “Oban, Kerrera, Lismore, Mull and Iona”