Against the Elements

Firstly, I’m going to be a bit of an arrogant t^*t and say that Iceland beating England wasn’t a surprise to me! Of course more often than not I would expect England to beat Iceland but there was logic behind Iceland winning and Matt McGinn delves into why in his book. There might be moreContinue reading “Against the Elements”

A Corner of Every Foreign Field

This isn’t the first and won’t be the last book that I read about cricket failing to become a truly global sport. In fact, it’s not even the first Tim Brooks book that I’ve read in that rather niche genre! I love cricket but my word it’s a shame that only upto around twelve countries,Continue reading “A Corner of Every Foreign Field”

Five More Books to Read During Lockdown

Following on from my post ‘Five Books to Read During Lockdown’… Here are five more literary recommendations to fill the time if you’re locked down… or to enjoy even if you’re not! Selkirk’s Island by Diana Souhami The real life inspiration for Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Scotsman Alexander Selkirk was stranded, alone, on theContinue reading “Five More Books to Read During Lockdown”

Five Books to Read During Lockdown

Come on now! You’ve had plenty of time to watch the five documentaries that I recommended… Now it’s onto literature… Fire Season by Philip Connors Connors’ memoir of many summers spent as a fire lookout in New Mexico’s Gila range beautifully details his summers spent saving forests (And lives) from fires. Man, wilderness, solitude…Continue reading “Five Books to Read During Lockdown”

A New Dawn!

It made sense to do so. It was basically all I ever spoke about! Poor unsuspecting victims would find themselves having to listen to my views on how to transform international cricket whilst realising that they had no way of escaping. I decided to start writing a blog as a way of getting my opinionsContinue reading “A New Dawn!”