Yorkshire Dales from Above

I bought this book for just £2.50! The RRP is £8.99 but they were priced at £3.00 each or two for £5.00 in the particular bookstore that I stumbled upon them. I actually bought this one and a coastal edition as gifts but decided to buy another Yorkshire Dales one for myself. It’s really interestingContinue reading “Yorkshire Dales from Above”

How to Think Like a Fish

Jeremy Wade (Of River Monsters fame) details his processes for… fishing (Obviously!). Now I can’t claim to be a fisherman but have always enjoyed watching River Monsters as well as Jungle Hooks that preceded it. A man immersed in nature is staple reading diet for me too. This book is not all action and I’llContinue reading “How to Think Like a Fish”

International Children’s Book Day!

It’s International Children’s Book Day so here are some of our favourites… Puffin Peter by Petr Horacek We discovered this in hospital following one of my daughter’s heart surgeries and just had to get our own copy. The fact that Peter is a name that is in the family and the other main character isContinue reading “International Children’s Book Day!”

Death in the Grizzly Maze

If you’re a Timothy Treadwell fan then this may not be the book for you… as he spends most of the 170 pages being bashed, criticised and having all his wrongs brought to attention! Mike Lapinski is a writer and photographer who firmly disapproved of Treadwell’s conduct around bears. Whilst Lapinski may well be rightContinue reading “Death in the Grizzly Maze”