Song of the Week #003

Welcome to the third Song of the Week post. Weeks one and two featured solo artists Ben Lee and Sara Bareilles so week three seems like an appropriate time to select a group, well, duo at least… Here’s MS MR with the song Criminals… You can find last week’s selection by clicking on the linkContinue reading “Song of the Week #003”

A Depressing Train Journey!

This train journey takes us to plenty of stops. It’s starts particularly well but the destinations get less and less favourable as the journey goes on. Let’s start at the beginning and sadly, the best stops come first! Train released their eponymous debut album in 1998. It’s got a countryish vibe and includes beautiful songsContinue reading “A Depressing Train Journey!”

Song of the Week #002

Hi all Song of the Week number two comes from Sara Bareilles.┬áThe track Fire is the opening track on her most recent album titled Amidst the Chaos that was released in 2019. The song is a particular favourite of mine but Bottle it Up and She Used to Be Mine are, amongst others, extremely goodContinue reading “Song of the Week #002”

Song of the Week #001

Hi Welcome to what will be a regular feature of my new blog. Every Monday, I’ll post the link to the official music video or occasionally a live performance of my selection for that week’s Song of the Week! There won’t necessarily be rhyme or reason as to why I’ve selected a song as SongContinue reading “Song of the Week #001”