Five Songs With People’s Names in the Title

We’ve had animals… Place names… Today, it’s people’s names… Sutherland Brothers and Quiver Arms of Mary Bat for Lashes Daniel Ray Lamontagne Hannah Kenny Rogers Lucille The Front Lawn Andy Did you enjoy? Were you already familiar with any of today’s songs? What will next week bring?

Five Songs With Placenames in the Title

Following on from animals… This week it’s placenames… Scott McKenzie San Francisco Fleet Foxes Blue Ridge Mountains Dan Croll Tokyo Boo Hewerdine Ontario Darren Hayes Dublin Sky I’m sure that I’m not the only person to have noticed that, for some reason, American cities and states lend themselves to songs better than others. I’veContinue reading “Five Songs With Placenames in the Title”

Song of the Week #016

Another week, another song. This time the music comes from… I had a couple of their earlier (And I think reasonably commercially successful) albums but can’t claim to have listened to this band for some time. This new song however sounds exactly like a… Kings of Convenience song! I enjoyed it and hope that youContinue reading “Song of the Week #016”

Five Songs With Animals in the Title

Not content with my Five Films… selections or/and Song of the Week, I now present… Five Songs With ? in the Title! We’re picking up where we left off… with movies… … by starting with Five Songs with Animals in the Title… Iron and Wine Lion’s Mane Simone Felice The Fawn Jimmy Nail CrocodileContinue reading “Five Songs With Animals in the Title”

Song of the Week #012

This week, I was pleasantly surprised to discover new music by… I randomly picked up The Best Of a good few years ago and since bought another compilation titled The Collection. I had the pleasure of seeing frontman Justin Currie perform in my hometown and it was as good a gig as I’ve seen! HopefullyContinue reading “Song of the Week #012”