Five Songs With Animals in the Title

Not content with my Five Films… selections or/and Song of the Week, I now present… Five Songs With ? in the Title! We’re picking up where we left off… with movies… … by starting with Five Songs with Animals in the Title… Iron and Wine Lion’s Mane Simone Felice The Fawn Jimmy Nail CrocodileContinue reading “Five Songs With Animals in the Title”

Song of the Week #012

This week, I was pleasantly surprised to discover new music by… I randomly picked up The Best Of a good few years ago and since bought another compilation titled The Collection. I had the pleasure of seeing frontman Justin Currie perform in my hometown and it was as good a gig as I’ve seen! HopefullyContinue reading “Song of the Week #012”

Song of the Week #011

This week’s selection comes courtesy of a band who, I’m sure like many, I was familiar with their big hit. I hadn’t really taken in that another song that I’m sure has featured on a TV commercial was theirs though. Beyond that, they’ve actually delivered a number of really good songs. Their cover of SuspiciousContinue reading “Song of the Week #011”