Who Will be England’s Goalkeeper at Euro 2020? The Results

The results are in… Burnley’s Nick Pope is the undisputed people’s selection for the England number one spot. I don’t think that Gareth Southgate can possibly turn his nose up at a poll where six (Yes 6) people voted! In hindsight, I should’ve invited anyone selecting ‘Other’ to advise who in the comments section. DoContinue reading “Who Will be England’s Goalkeeper at Euro 2020? The Results”

Who Should be England’s Goalkeeper at Euro 2020?

Should Euro 2020 (Or ’21 if you prefer) go ahead, then who should don the gloves, appear between the sticks, play in goal for England? Everton’s Jordan Pickford is in possession but his form at domestic level is consistently erratic. Nick Pope rarely puts a foot wrong at Burnley but remains inexperienced in competitive internationals.Continue reading “Who Should be England’s Goalkeeper at Euro 2020?”

Against the Elements

Firstly, I’m going to be a bit of an arrogant t^*t and say that Iceland beating England wasn’t a surprise to me! Of course more often than not I would expect England to beat Iceland but there was logic behind Iceland winning and Matt McGinn delves into why in his book. There might be moreContinue reading “Against the Elements”

Do the Euros Matter?

Euro 2020 or Euro 2021… call it what you will! I don’t want to get into a debate about the morality of football continuing whilst most of us can’t, for the most part, leave our house. For many, having the entertainment of football on their TVs and online is a welcome distraction whilst locked down.Continue reading “Do the Euros Matter?”

A New Dawn!

It made sense to do so. It was basically all I ever spoke about! Poor unsuspecting victims would find themselves having to listen to my views on how to transform international cricket whilst realising that they had no way of escaping. I decided to start writing a blog as a way of getting my opinionsContinue reading “A New Dawn!”