Brasher Quilted Fleece

I purchased the Brasher quilted fleece pictured above for £40! I bought it on offer from Blacks. I actually thought that the label said it was reduced from about £70.00 but, at the time of writing, the website says reduced from £61.00, still a good deal for what seems like a quality product, pickedContinue reading “Brasher Quilted Fleece”

Come on England!

I’m back from my brief holiday (Post coming soon)! Turkey and Italy kicked off Euro 2020(1) last night, with the latter running out comfortable 3-0 winners. More importantly, the girls are ready for England’s opening match against Croatia tomorrow. Well, they are… apart from the fact that one of them is ill in hospital! AContinue reading “Come on England!”

Jack Wolfskin Hat

I’ve had this hat for a few years now and it’s still going strong! The 100% polyester product keeps my head extremely warm. I think that I’d misplaced mine once and borrowed somebody’s Thinsulate hat. Thinsulate is obviously a top selling brand and I don’t know what fabric the hat in question was made ofContinue reading “Jack Wolfskin Hat”