Bonus Post: More Cricket 22 Info!

Here’s some more exciting news regarding Big Ant’s latest cricket game… November 25th seems a long way away but we’ll get there folks! I’ve always loved the thrill of taking a catch Big Ant’s previous cricket games, that moment of waiting or moving for the ball. I hope that’s still there in Cricket 22. CatchingContinue reading “Bonus Post: More Cricket 22 Info!”

Wednesday Wickets #002

Welcome to the second edition of Wednesday Wickets. The T20 World Cup has commenced and so it could be easy to forget about the county game, but… Hosein Retires Some extremely sad news from Derbyshire, that 25-year-old wicketkeeper Harvey Hosein has been forced to retire due to concussion. Hosein made an immediate impact with theContinue reading “Wednesday Wickets #002”

CricketXI: T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup starts tomorrow and the above graphic displays my CricketXI fantasy team. I won’t go on a rant about meritocracy and the structure (Or lack of!) of international cricket but… My team consists of players from primarily Associate nations not Full Members because the former must play First Round matches prior toContinue reading “CricketXI: T20 World Cup”

Wednesday Wickets #001

Welcome to a new regular feature that will appear each Wednesday. In Wednesday Wickets, I’ll put all (Well, some!) of my cricket thoughts from the last seven days into one post. This is rather than scripting a post and it not seeing the light of day for a few weeks, potentially losing some relevance orContinue reading “Wednesday Wickets #001”

Special Post: Cricket 22… CONFIRMED!

No, this isn’t a cricket blog (Honest!) and yes, the above image is from Cricket 19 but… Cricket 22 is confirmed! Big Ant’s fifth (And best?) cricket game is due for release on November 25th. Read the details from the horse’s mouth here… Will it be riddled with bugs and crash half the time?Continue reading “Special Post: Cricket 22… CONFIRMED!”

Cricket 19: Howzat in Muscat!

In our country’s (Switzerland’s) first ever Test match, we lost the toss and were inserted to bat. By lunch, Oman had knocked us over for 142! We scored at a good rate but our batsmen just couldn’t resist nibbling outside off stump. Dirk Shaffer (25), Kingston Hall (24) and Max Schutt (20) contributed the bulkContinue reading “Cricket 19: Howzat in Muscat!”

Eswatini Duckfest, Nigerian Maidens & Cameroonian Mankads!

What on Earth am I talking about? I’m talking about the Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifying Africa Region of course! Eswatini were bowled out for scores of 29, 17, 19, 23 and 55 (An expected improvement against Mozambique, who also struggled) during the competition. In that innings of 19 all out, batters four toContinue reading “Eswatini Duckfest, Nigerian Maidens & Cameroonian Mankads!”

Banton’s Blues

Tom Banton is struggling, seriously struggling. However, he need look no further than Haseeb Hameed for inspiration. They are of course contrasting players, expected to thrive in different formats of the game but still, Hameed is a young player who tasted international cricket only to struggle thereafter… but then fought back! Bizarrely, Banton opened theContinue reading “Banton’s Blues”

The Fallacy of Failure

Somerset have released young batsman Young, Sam Young! The 21-year-old right-hander has been at Taunton since he was just ten years of age. He only contributed 73 runs in his eight appearances for the first XI, all of which came in this season’s watered down One-Day Cup… so he’s out! Is that really enough ofContinue reading “The Fallacy of Failure”