Andes Camping Table

I’ve bought yet more camping equipment! This time… a table! This isn’t a backpacking table. It’s too big for that. It’s a low, aluminium table and cost £19.99. It’s dimensions are 60x40cm then a height of 27cm when the legs are in place.. It’s a bit bigger and more solid than my current table asContinue reading “Andes Camping Table”

New Tent, New Gear… unexpected epic rain test (FAIL!)!

No, I haven’t bought another new tent! It’s the one that you were introduced to in the following post… When I run out of blog post ideas, I’ll regret doing this but I’ll throw all the new gear into this one rather than doing lots of separate posts! After realising that the double sleepingContinue reading “New Tent, New Gear… unexpected epic rain test (FAIL!)!”

Another New Tent!

Though I love a bargain, I just didn’t have any faith in the £29.99 tent that I bought… So when I saw this 2021 model Vango Skye 400 selling for £99.99 (£20-£30 cheaper than most retailers) I snapped it up! It’s a four person tent but the space isn’t generous. Four of us canContinue reading “Another New Tent!”

Charles Bentley Double Sleeping Mat

You know that post I did about all those sleeping mats… Well, I bought another one… a double! I haven’t slept on it yet but have set it up and it seemed okay. I know that when I camped using a similar single version, it was pretty hard on my back but fingers crossedContinue reading “Charles Bentley Double Sleeping Mat”

Camping Pillows

It’s all well and good having a comfortable sleeping mat… But you’re not going to get a good night’s sleep without a comfortable headrest! At the top of the above photo is the Trekology pillow (About £15/£16) that I recently bought. It’s such an easy self-inflate product and packs down to little more thanContinue reading “Camping Pillows”

Flextailgear Tiny Pump

Yesterday, I posted about camping mats… Forget endless hand pumping or lung damaging, this little beauty does the work for me! In fact, I did already mention this product when I actually went camping recently… I’ve also used it to inflate a new larger kids pool that I bought this week. It makesContinue reading “Flextailgear Tiny Pump”

The Camping Mat Maze!

Do you remember that trip to Ireland that I told you about… I’d bought a Thermarest sleeping mat but then couldn’t repack it! So I bought something similar to the roll mat that you see in the top left of the photo above. In fact, it was probably that I bought… duh! Anyway, whenContinue reading “The Camping Mat Maze!”

New Tent Revisited – (Brief) Rain Test!

Earlier this summer, I posted about my new tent… It took all of five minutes for it to fail a rain test! Actually that’s a lie … it was five seconds! In its defence, I’d spotted the problem and should’ve done something about it but the rain was on me quicker than I’d anticipated.Continue reading “New Tent Revisited – (Brief) Rain Test!”

Camping (Not in my Garden!)

Having done a few garden camps recently (Check them out by clicking on the camping tab), I finally took my tent beyond my back garden! The campsite was on a farm about twenty minutes from home. Entering involved opening and closing a gate on a steep descent (Handbrake firmly on!) then driving down a steepContinue reading “Camping (Not in my Garden!)”

New Tent!

I’ll reveal the price at the end! I’ve previously posted about some recent garden camps… I’ve spent a lot of time (Too much!) studying tents online and in shops. Whilst my Vango F10 Helium 200 isn’t perfect, I’m yet to discover an alternative backpacking tent that appears superior. What I’ve found, even with theContinue reading “New Tent!”