The Revenant

Recently, I finally got around to watching The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Domnhall Gleeson amongst others. Now I haven’t been able to watch films as often as I’d like in recent years and had just got back in the groove by viewing a couple (Both animations) before taking on this two andContinue reading “The Revenant”

Matchbox Twenty

Having previously posted about my declining interest in the band Train… I felt that another American band merited attention too. Their name… Matchbox Twenty! They were originally named Matchbox 20 (Not Twenty!) and had evolved from the group Tabitha’s Secret. The band’s first album, titled Yourself or Someone Like You, was released in 1996.Continue reading “Matchbox Twenty”

Do the Euros Matter?

Euro 2020 or Euro 2021… call it what you will! I don’t want to get into a debate about the morality of football continuing whilst most of us can’t, for the most part, leave our house. For many, having the entertainment of football on their TVs and online is a welcome distraction whilst locked down.Continue reading “Do the Euros Matter?”

Song of the Week #003

Welcome to the third Song of the Week post. Weeks one and two featured solo artists Ben Lee and Sara Bareilles so week three seems like an appropriate time to select a group, well, duo at least… Here’s MS MR with the song Criminals… You can find last week’s selection by clicking on the linkContinue reading “Song of the Week #003”

Five Cowboy Films to Watch During Lockdown

My last film recommendations post featured five films from the east (Well, Australasia and if we’re using a standard map!)… Now for five films from the west… Young Guns (1988) Emilio Estevez stars as Billy the Kid accompanied by his strong supporting cast of Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Casey Siemaszko, Dermot Mulroney andContinue reading “Five Cowboy Films to Watch During Lockdown”

Five More Books to Read During Lockdown

Following on from my post ‘Five Books to Read During Lockdown’… Here are five more literary recommendations to fill the time if you’re locked down… or to enjoy even if you’re not! Selkirk’s Island by Diana Souhami The real life inspiration for Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Scotsman Alexander Selkirk was stranded, alone, on theContinue reading “Five More Books to Read During Lockdown”

A Depressing Train Journey!

This train journey takes us to plenty of stops. It’s starts particularly well but the destinations get less and less favourable as the journey goes on. Let’s start at the beginning and sadly, the best stops come first! Train released their eponymous debut album in 1998. It’s got a countryish vibe and includes beautiful songsContinue reading “A Depressing Train Journey!”

Five Oz/NZ Based Films to Watch During Lockdown

Welcome to another ‘Five Films to Watch’ post. For clarity, this selection features films that take place in either Australia or New Zealand. It may be that the films were funded or produced etc. elsewhere. The Hunter (2011) Willem Dafoe stars in a film that left me obsessed with the Tasmanian Tiger (I can’t beContinue reading “Five Oz/NZ Based Films to Watch During Lockdown”

Auzkin Dehumidifier

It’s neat, compact and absorbs water. What more do you want? Fancy lights… okay! This is a tidy little addition to the house if you’ve got moisture, condensation and/or mould etc. It requires plugging in and makes a little noise but the sort of white noise that can help put a child to sleep. TheContinue reading “Auzkin Dehumidifier”