Yorkshire Three Peaks… again!

On Saturday, my friend and I walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks! The three peaks in question are Pennyghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. The mountains (Not hills!) are between 694 and 736 metres (About 2,220-2,400 feet). The 24.5 mile route also features stunning views of Ribblehead Viaduct, an active railway line. (Sorry, I don’t think that IContinue reading “Yorkshire Three Peaks… again!”

Garden Camping

Having advised that I was craving camping… https://planetpaul.blog/2021/05/18/craving-camping/ I went camping… in my garden! This was a more than worthwhile exercise. The camping that I’m practicing for is having to carry everything on my back. Even if that’s not really the case, I like to imagine that I’m on some epic wild hike! My oldContinue reading “Garden Camping”

Five Songs With People’s Names in the Title

We’ve had animals… https://planetpaul.blog/2021/05/07/five-songs-with-in-the-title/ Place names… https://planetpaul.blog/2021/05/14/five-songs-with-placenames-in-the-title/ Today, it’s people’s names… Sutherland Brothers and Quiver Arms of Mary Bat for Lashes Daniel Ray Lamontagne Hannah Kenny Rogers Lucille The Front Lawn Andy Did you enjoy? Were you already familiar with any of today’s songs? What will next week bring?

FC Nantes’ Survival Bid

After seemingly being destined to drop into Ligue 2, Les Canaris produced a stunning turnaround by winning three consecutive matches before taking on basement club Dijon in the penultimate round of games. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing… they won 4-0! Well, not quite nothing. The other teams flirting with relegation all managed to pickContinue reading “FC Nantes’ Survival Bid”

Craving Camping!

I’ve got an urge to go camping! I’ve done plenty of hiking but only a little multi-day hiking/camping… https://planetpaul.blog/2021/04/18/dingle-and-great-blasket-island/ My wife and I have been camping a few times but since having children, the opportunities haven’t been there. That’s not to say you can’t go camping with kids but our eldest daughter has some additionalContinue reading “Craving Camping!”