Song of the Week #002

Hi all Song of the Week number two comes from Sara Bareilles. The track Fire is the opening track on her most recent album titled Amidst the Chaos that was released in 2019. The song is a particular favourite of mine but Bottle it Up and She Used to Be Mine are, amongst others, extremely goodContinue reading “Song of the Week #002”

Jennimer Coffee Container

I wanted something slick looking that I could store my coffee beans in whilst also keeping my kitchen looking tidy. I purchased the Jennimer Coffee Container for around £22-£23. It can store a little over 600g of coffee beans which is more than two packets of the beans that I buy from my local supermarket.Continue reading “Jennimer Coffee Container”

Five Films Not in the English Language to Watch During Lockdown

You’ve watched the documentaries that I recommended… Then stayed up late to view my animated film suggestions… Now it’s time to get over your aversion to subtitles (To be fair, you did that with some of the animated films!) and check out five films not in the English language. Enjoy… The Motorcycle DiariesContinue reading “Five Films Not in the English Language to Watch During Lockdown”

Five Animated Films to Watch During Lockdown

Following on from ‘Five Documentaries to Watch During Lockdown’… Here are five animated film recommendations. This selection is geared toward films aimed at adults though some are suitable for children. Waltz with Bashir (2008) Israeli former soldier Ari Folman wrote, produced and directed this fascinating film. Told in the Hebrew language, it recalls Folman’sContinue reading “Five Animated Films to Watch During Lockdown”

Where Will Cricket’s Next T20 League Be?

It all started with T20 matches in England (Which almost seems hard to believe!) but it’s in other traditional cricketing hotbeds that T20 cricket has thrived. Namely in India (IPL) and Australia (BBL) as well as Pakistan (PSL) and the West Indies (CPL). Beyond those regions countries such as Hong Kong and Canada have alsoContinue reading “Where Will Cricket’s Next T20 League Be?”

Five Books to Read During Lockdown

Come on now! You’ve had plenty of time to watch the five documentaries that I recommended… Now it’s onto literature… Fire Season by Philip Connors Connors’ memoir of many summers spent as a fire lookout in New Mexico’s Gila range beautifully details his summers spent saving forests (And lives) from fires. Man, wilderness, solitude…Continue reading “Five Books to Read During Lockdown”

Song of the Week #001

Hi Welcome to what will be a regular feature of my new blog. Every Monday, I’ll post the link to the official music video or occasionally a live performance of my selection for that week’s Song of the Week! There won’t necessarily be rhyme or reason as to why I’ve selected a song as SongContinue reading “Song of the Week #001”

Teacup and Infuser

Having been a tea drinker for many years, I turned to coffee a few years ago when waking at 3am became a prerequisite for work! But variety is the spice of life and it was nice to get back to drinking a little tea from time to time. I’ve previously found that when drinking looseContinue reading “Teacup and Infuser”

Five Documentaries to Watch During Lockdown!

Hi all Please see below for details/trailers of five documentaries that I thoroughly recommend you watch. Of course we’re not all locked down but if you are and need inspiration or if you’re not but can still find time, then check out the following. Disclaimer: Numbers two and four are the most depressing things thatContinue reading “Five Documentaries to Watch During Lockdown!”