Five Romantic Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day so having finally cleared the hallway of a mountain of cards (Poor postman, or woman… having to deliver on a Sunday too!), I’ve appropriately compiled a list of five romantic films worth watching. For the record, I’ve avoided any films that have featured in my previous posts. Delicacy (2011) Audrey Tautou isContinue reading “Five Romantic Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day”

The Amazing Spider-Man

Continuing my rich vein of form having returned to film watching, I finally got around to viewing The Amazing Spider-Man. Before the Sam Raimi films, I was a big Tobey Maguire fan. I enjoyed those spidey films… even the third one! Having recently rewatched the trailer for the Marc Webb directed reboot starring Andrew Garfield,Continue reading “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Mark McGuinn

I was recently introduced to the music of Mark McGuinn, courtesy of this excellent YouTube channel… Beyond the popesque hit song Mrs Rudy… The album contains some excellent ballads such as She Doesn’t Dance and If the World was Mine… When hearing an album as good as this (It was released in 2001 by theContinue reading “Mark McGuinn”

Coffee, Tea and Sugar Storage

I bought this stackable coffee, tea and sugar storage not long ago. It’s a really efficient space saving facility that also looks good. The light blue isn’t my preferred colour (White would be a nice contrast) but the brown/greyish tones look good against the wooden lids. The ceramic containers aren’t massive in terms of volumeContinue reading “Coffee, Tea and Sugar Storage”

Song of the Week #004

Following in the footsteps of Ben Lee, Sara Bareilles and MS MR, our latest Song of the Week selection comes from Rhye… Rhye frontman Mike Milosh started the project as a duo but following the departure of Robert Hannibal, various musicians have joined the silk voiced Canadian. Milosh’s earlier work is also worth a listen.Continue reading “Song of the Week #004”

Jack Wolfskin Hat

I’ve had this hat for a few years now and it’s still going strong! The 100% polyester product keeps my head extremely warm. I think that I’d misplaced mine once and borrowed somebody’s Thinsulate hat. Thinsulate is obviously a top selling brand and I don’t know what fabric the hat in question was made ofContinue reading “Jack Wolfskin Hat”

Five More Films Not in the English Language to Watch During Lockdown

Not content with creating ridiculously long blog post titles, here are five more films not in the English language to watch during Lockdown (Or not Lockdown if you have an important job!)… Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998) A romantic drama that’s like nothing before it, is 1998 Spanish offering Lovers of the Arctic Circle.Continue reading “Five More Films Not in the English Language to Watch During Lockdown”

A Corner of Every Foreign Field

This isn’t the first and won’t be the last book that I read about cricket failing to become a truly global sport. In fact, it’s not even the first Tim Brooks book that I’ve read in that rather niche genre! I love cricket but my word it’s a shame that only upto around twelve countries,Continue reading “A Corner of Every Foreign Field”