Song of the Week #012

This week, I was pleasantly surprised to discover new music by… I randomly picked up The Best Of a good few years ago and since bought another compilation titled The Collection. I had the pleasure of seeing frontman Justin Currie perform in my hometown and it was as good a gig as I’ve seen! HopefullyContinue reading “Song of the Week #012”

Sydney Monorail

Recently, I’ve added travel reminisces to my new and broader blog. Here was my first… My trip to New Zealand and Australia as a whole merits either one very long post or a series but I’ve decided to randomly start with… Sydney Monorail (As the title suggests)!. Why? Because it’s come to my attentionContinue reading “Sydney Monorail”

Song of the Week #011

This week’s selection comes courtesy of a band who, I’m sure like many, I was familiar with their big hit. I hadn’t really taken in that another song that I’m sure has featured on a TV commercial was theirs though. Beyond that, they’ve actually delivered a number of really good songs. Their cover of SuspiciousContinue reading “Song of the Week #011”

Bonner and Mayers

Aged 32 and 28, West Indies cricketers Nkrumah Bonner and Kyle Mayers have served lengthy domestic apprenticeships before earning Test recognition. The long wait may have actually served them well though. Whilst still a small sample size, both players have made hugely encouraging starts to their Test careers. Bonner has backed up innings of 86Continue reading “Bonner and Mayers”