Song of the Week #025

Another week, another song! I randomly started listening to this chap off the back of his appearance in the Forever Country video. I can’t believe that I’d never heard of him, that he isn’t better known and there hasn’t been a film about his life. It takes some talent and courage to have achieved whatContinue reading “Song of the Week #025”

Song of the Week #024

My parents used to have a Dr Hook CD when I was a child… but I never really listened to them. I’m glad that I recently decided to check them out though because there’s a few of their songs that I really like! Here’s one of them, 1976 release ‘A Little Bit More‘… Enjoy theContinue reading “Song of the Week #024”

Song of the Week #021

Welcome to the latest edition of Song of the Week. This time we’ve got something a little different… it’s a double bonanza! When in Rome The Promise Sturgill Simpson The Promise Having originally heard Sturgill Simpson’s version and loved it, when I heard the original by When in Rome I… originally, didn’t like it butContinue reading “Song of the Week #021”

Five Songs from France

It’s Friday and you know what that means… a selection of five songs based on a theme. This week, it’s music from France… or songs performed in French… or singers who’ve had success in France. It’s fine, it’s my blog. I can do what I want! Nolwenn Leroy Gemme (This may have already featured inContinue reading “Five Songs from France”