Song of the Week #042

Welcome to a new week. Today’s song is not the first example of one that exists because I heard it on the new music set-up at work. Unlike George Ezra’s effort though, I’d heard this Badly Drawn Boy tune some years ago. I can’t claim to have made any attempt to listen to his otherContinue reading “Song of the Week #042”

Song of the Week #041

Welcome to Song of the Week #41 and step forward… Beverley Craven! This is one of those songs that, like the singer herself, I can’t claim to have much familiarity with but do have some vague sense of having at least come across the song before. In fact, I can’t even remember how I recentlyContinue reading “Song of the Week #041”

Song of the Week #040

I’m going to risk my credibility by going a bit mainstream here. The music that is played at work was recently changed and there’s a surprising amount of songs by bands that I like. One (New to me) song that popped up and I couldn’t help but notice was this tune by George Ezra… EnjoyContinue reading “Song of the Week #040”

Five Songs with Body Parts in the Title

It’s been a while since I did one of these. Here are five songs with a theme, in this instance… body parts! Crowded House Fingers of Love The Platters Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Alanis Morrisette One Hand in my Pocket Take That Back for Good Sutherland Brothers and Quiver Lying in the Arms ofContinue reading “Five Songs with Body Parts in the Title”