Frog City/Newt Central

The seasonably cold and generally miserable weather has, for the most part, limited amphibian activity… or sightings at least. When the weather finally turned however, the array of amphibians rose to the surface to bask in the sun! I counted nine frogs, which is particularly prominent for our pond. The newts were also making theirContinue reading “Frog City/Newt Central”

Vauxhall Meriva

I recently posted about the demise of my car… Now I am in no way a car geek and certainly didn’t expect to be blogging about cars. Our new motor has a lot of things going for it though, so I thought that I’d share my thoughts. Firstly, it was manufactured in 2006. ThatContinue reading “Vauxhall Meriva”

Tomatoes: Take Two!

My daughters allegedly got their hands on my tomatoes and threw them all over the summerhouse/shed floor… so we go again! I’ve put three cherry and three normal tomato seeds in one tray. This time they’re starting off in the kitchen rather than the summerhouse/shed. Historically, our tomatoes haven’t come through until as late asContinue reading “Tomatoes: Take Two!”