Two Seasons in One Day

A few days ago, it was incredibly hot. Well, it was 28 degrees… so hot by English standards! It was a belated brief blast of summer. However, leaves had also turned brown and were falling, so summer and autumn rolled into one day. Admittedly, had I taken the above photo before the last of theContinue reading “Two Seasons in One Day”


Reliable raspberries, thriving in the garden every year! As somebody for whom eating healthily doesn’t come naturally, some tasty fruit growing hassle free in our own back garden, is most welcome. Potatoes, onions, radishes, peas and carrots (Just!) have come good. As for tomatoes… we’ll wait until October for a very small soup! What haveContinue reading “Raspberries”

Solar Powered Oxygenator

I’m sorry to say that it’s too late for one of my fish but hopefully this oxygenator will prolong the life of the remaining two. I’d noticed that my goldfish were discoloured and gasping for breath. It’s a small pond with no running water. There clearly wasn’t enough oxygen for four (Originally!) fish. Frogs andContinue reading “Solar Powered Oxygenator”

Apple Trouble!

Earlier this summer, I posted about our apple tree… Not for the first time, it appears as though it might be diseased! Online research leads me to believe that it’s possibly apple scab and that eradicating such disease is virtually impossible. It seems that many trees aren’t resistant and that removing this tree andContinue reading “Apple Trouble!”

Flextailgear Tiny Pump

Yesterday, I posted about camping mats… Forget endless hand pumping or lung damaging, this little beauty does the work for me! In fact, I did already mention this product when I actually went camping recently… I’ve also used it to inflate a new larger kids pool that I bought this week. It makesContinue reading “Flextailgear Tiny Pump”