Pateley Bridge Hike

Last weekend, it was good to get out on a hike for the first time in a while. This wasn’t the greatest hike ever. It started from and touched upon some familiar territory but also covered new ground. We walked through the small village of Heyshaw (No unauthorised turning!) and found an extremely well placedContinue reading “Pateley Bridge Hike”

Pedometer Diaries: Where the Story Ends

148 days, 905.88 miles at an average of 6.12 miles per day. That’s where the story ends, for now at least. My pedometer has died! A few long hikes… … boosted my numbers and my 2700 steps each way to and from work plus my healthy mileage at work, helped me get to theContinue reading “Pedometer Diaries: Where the Story Ends”

Knaresborough Round

I posted about finally walking the 21-mile Harrogate Ringway recently… Following that, because we can’t get enough of 21-mile (About 34km) local walks, my sister and I hiked the Knaresborough Round last weekend! Rather than starting from my front door, this one involved a short drive to our selected starting point and a briefContinue reading “Knaresborough Round”

Bird Watching Kit

Here’s the bird watching kit that I mentioned in the following post… Sorry that it’s just a photo of the box. The contents are one canvas bag, one torch, one set of binoculars, one notepad, one pencil, nine bird identification cards and two bird food bases. The binoculars are genuine, the torch uses aContinue reading “Bird Watching Kit”

Staveley Nature Reserve

A few days ago, my family and I discovered an absolute hidden gem of a place not far from where we live. Staveley Nature Reserve is the place. As it happens, I’d bought my youngest daughter a bird watching kit that very morning. She particularly enjoyed viewing through her binoculars as well as using herContinue reading “Staveley Nature Reserve”

Brasher Quilted Fleece

I purchased the Brasher quilted fleece pictured above for £40! I bought it on offer from Blacks. I actually thought that the label said it was reduced from about £70.00 but, at the time of writing, the website says reduced from £61.00, still a good deal for what seems like a quality product, pickedContinue reading “Brasher Quilted Fleece”

New(ish) Hiking Boots

After my ten hour 26-mile Yorkshire Three Peaks epic… … finished off my Peter Storm boots, and with the 20-mile Harrogate Ringway on the horizon, I bought some new boots… well, sort of! I bought the ones pictured above on eBay for just under £30. I went with Hi-Tec because I’ve got some, whatContinue reading “New(ish) Hiking Boots”

Pedometer Diaries: Chapter Two

It’s been over two months since I caught up with modern technology and got a pedometer! Here’s my original post… Now, after 66 days of having this piece of white plastic attached to my hip (Belt), I’ve totalled 455.68 miles. That’s an average of 6.90 miles per day. My ten-hour Yorkshire Three Peaks bootContinue reading “Pedometer Diaries: Chapter Two”