Reliable raspberries, thriving in the garden every year! As somebody for whom eating healthily doesn’t come naturally, some tasty fruit growing hassle free in our own back garden, is most welcome. Potatoes, onions, radishes, peas and carrots (Just!) have come good. As for tomatoes… we’ll wait until October for a very small soup! What haveContinue reading “Raspberries”

Apple Trouble!

Earlier this summer, I posted about our apple tree… https://planetpaul.blog/2021/07/11/apple-tree/ Not for the first time, it appears as though it might be diseased! Online research leads me to believe that it’s possibly apple scab and that eradicating such disease is virtually impossible. It seems that many trees aren’t resistant and that removing this tree andContinue reading “Apple Trouble!”

Taylor’s Coffee Bags

My wife has a couple of contacts who work at Taylor’s and recently we’ve been provided with not only tea bags but… coffee bags! I think that the first ones might have been English Breakfast but I normally go for the Italian beans from ALDI for my coffee machine. We recently went to Morrison’s becauseContinue reading “Taylor’s Coffee Bags”

Tomato, Red Pepper and Onion Soup

Sadly. only the onions are from the garden but this soup is a healthy and far superior alternative to any canned option. The ingredients are chopped then cooked on a low heat. Ideally, bake for around half an hour then simmer with stock (Beef or vegetable) for at least the same length of time. Don’tContinue reading “Tomato, Red Pepper and Onion Soup”

Fruit Smoothie

Healthy eating doesn’t come naturally to me… I have improved though! Last week, I made use of some bananas that had been thrown in the freezer as well as an assortment of frozen berries. Clearly the berries overpowered the bananas on the colour front and to be fair, on the flavour front. This was despiteContinue reading “Fruit Smoothie”

Tea for Me!

Sometime ago, possibly for my birthday early last year, my wife bought me an infuser cup and some tea. In fact, I’ve just remembered that I blogged about it… https://planetpaul.blog/2021/01/17/teacup-and-infuser-review/ The shop that my wife made the purchase from has only recently reopened following Lockdown/relocating (To the shop next door to where they were, IContinue reading “Tea for Me!”

Tomatoes on the Move

With warm weather upon us, I’ve transferred my tomatoes outside. Here’s my previous tomato related post… https://planetpaul.blog/2021/05/02/tomatoes-take-two/ The three tomato and three cherry tomato plants seem to be growing at different rates and in truth, appear a little feeble. One of my daughters immediately grabbed one… but I rescued it and put it back! TheirContinue reading “Tomatoes on the Move”