Choose Until You Lose

There’s been plenty of talk about tossing recently, so here’s my penny’s (Or pound’s worth)… Instead of tossing a coin, the away team chooses whether they want to bat or bowl first. They retain that right until the home team wins. Upon winning, the home team then obviously acquires that right. Most series, regardless ofContinue reading “Choose Until You Lose”

Yorkshire: One-Day Cup 2021

There’s been a lot written about how the scheduling of The Hundred will result in the One-Day Cup providing an opportunity for young players. I’m not aware of any specific rules, just that if a team has lost a lot of personnel to the franchises then they’ll have to field an XI from what theyContinue reading “Yorkshire: One-Day Cup 2021”

Olympic Cricket: Which Format? The Results

The results are in and there’s no doubt about the people’s preferred format… Twenty20 it is! That makes sense but I thought that T10 might appeal to some. T20 is more familiar to most though, whilst the logic of avoiding longer formats was clearly also applied by voters. The votes of four random people can’tContinue reading “Olympic Cricket: Which Format? The Results”

Olympic Cricket: Which Format?

If cricket does soon become an Olympic sport, then which format of the game will be the best one to use? You’ll need to think about the number of teams, grounds and matches and therefore what sort of competition can be incorporated into a sixteen-day long Olympic Games. Whatever the results, if cricket does joinContinue reading “Olympic Cricket: Which Format?”

Lockdown Cricketers

Hi guys During Lockdown, I’ve watched my fair share of cricket highlights on YouTube. There are a few players that have come to my attention whilst I’ve been binging on the Big Bash, West Indies Super50 and even succumbing to the Abu Dhabi T10. That’s not to say that I hadn’t heard of any ofContinue reading “Lockdown Cricketers”

A Corner of Every Foreign Field

This isn’t the first and won’t be the last book that I read about cricket failing to become a truly global sport. In fact, it’s not even the first Tim Brooks book that I’ve read in that rather niche genre! I love cricket but my word it’s a shame that only upto around twelve countries,Continue reading “A Corner of Every Foreign Field”

Where Will Cricket’s Next T20 League Be?

It all started with T20 matches in England (Which almost seems hard to believe!) but it’s in other traditional cricketing hotbeds that T20 cricket has thrived. Namely in India (IPL) and Australia (BBL) as well as Pakistan (PSL) and the West Indies (CPL). Beyond those regions countries such as Hong Kong and Canada have alsoContinue reading “Where Will Cricket’s Next T20 League Be?”

A New Dawn!

It made sense to do so. It was basically all I ever spoke about! Poor unsuspecting victims would find themselves having to listen to my views on how to transform international cricket whilst realising that they had no way of escaping. I decided to start writing a blog as a way of getting my opinionsContinue reading “A New Dawn!”