Tomatoes… hopefully!

I’ve planted three tomato and three cherry tomato seeds in the hope of being able to make some soup later this year. In hindsight, I should’ve potted them a few weeks ago ahead of the warm weather that we had. The temperature has since dropped with warnings of further freezes to come. Hopefully they’ll getContinue reading “Tomatoes… hopefully!”

Who is Your Favourite Spider-Man?

Hi guys I recently shared my thoughts on the Spider-Man films starring Andrew Garfield… In recent times, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland have portrayed the web slinger on screen. Many others have also donned the costume in the gears before. But who’s your favourite? Many thanks for voting and look outContinue reading “Who is Your Favourite Spider-Man?”

Yorkshire: One-Day Cup 2021

There’s been a lot written about how the scheduling of The Hundred will result in the One-Day Cup providing an opportunity for young players. I’m not aware of any specific rules, just that if a team has lost a lot of personnel to the franchises then they’ll have to field an XI from what theyContinue reading “Yorkshire: One-Day Cup 2021”

Olympic Cricket: Which Format? The Results

The results are in and there’s no doubt about the people’s preferred format… Twenty20 it is! That makes sense but I thought that T10 might appeal to some. T20 is more familiar to most though, whilst the logic of avoiding longer formats was clearly also applied by voters. The votes of four random people can’tContinue reading “Olympic Cricket: Which Format? The Results”

Crocus Pocus!

It’s noticeable how flowers in the garden as well as many other locations, are in bloom. I’ve seen beautiful white snowdrops by roads and rivers as well as yellow and purple crocuses like those pictured above. Said flora sit beside the pond, starved of light early on in the day. Fortunately the sun is startingContinue reading “Crocus Pocus!”

Olympic Cricket: Which Format?

If cricket does soon become an Olympic sport, then which format of the game will be the best one to use? You’ll need to think about the number of teams, grounds and matches and therefore what sort of competition can be incorporated into a sixteen-day long Olympic Games. Whatever the results, if cricket does joinContinue reading “Olympic Cricket: Which Format?”