Travel Accessories (Luxuries?)

I picked up all of the above from a shop called Savers (Appropriately) for just £12.35! The purchases were made with my caravan holiday… … in mind but also with a view to camping. Certainly the foldable toothbrushes (49p each!) and the matches (69p) will come in handy when out and about with theContinue reading “Travel Accessories (Luxuries?)”

New(ish) Hiking Boots

After my ten hour 26-mile Yorkshire Three Peaks epic… … finished off my Peter Storm boots, and with the 20-mile Harrogate Ringway on the horizon, I bought some new boots… well, sort of! I bought the ones pictured above on eBay for just under £30. I went with Hi-Tec because I’ve got some, whatContinue reading “New(ish) Hiking Boots”

Song of the Week #21

Welcome to the latest edition of Song of the Week. This time we’ve got something a little different… it’s a double bonanza! When in Rome The Promise Sturgill Simpson The Promise Having originally heard Sturgill Simpson’s version and loved it, when I heard the original by When in Rome I… originally, didn’t like it butContinue reading “Song of the Week #21”

Christian Eriksen

It was horrific to witness the scenes in the Euro 2020 football yesterday, as Denmark’s Christian Eriksen collapsed against Finland. In what was actually Finland’s first ever match at a major tournament, I looked up just as Denmark’s Eriksen fell to the ground. It could definitely be argued that the cameras should’ve panned away sooner.Continue reading “Christian Eriksen”

Come on England!

I’m back from my brief holiday (Post coming soon)! Turkey and Italy kicked off Euro 2020(1) last night, with the latter running out comfortable 3-0 winners. More importantly, the girls are ready for England’s opening match against Croatia tomorrow. Well, they are… apart from the fact that one of them is ill in hospital! AContinue reading “Come on England!”