Thunderbirds Are Go

I’ve seen each episode of the original Thunderbirds series and recently picked up Thunderbirds Are Go for £1 in a secondhand media exchange store.

The original Thunderbirds always frustrated me because of how under developed the characters were. Basically, it was lost between being a kids show or an adult show… well, not an ADULT show! Obviously it wouldn’t have been perceived to be cool for adults to be watching a puppet show drama about Virgil’s art or John’s loneliness. That would’ve been too much for kids too, so it just got lost in between. Aside from drama, there was action, because that’s what kids wanted!

I’ve been watching Thunderbirds Are Go with my two-year-old daughter. She loves it and I’m… enjoying it!

There’ve been some ridiculous physics defying stunts, including the opening scene of the first episode. SPOILER ALERT! Guy and kid in what I think was a deflated hot air balloon way way up in a stormy sky, somehow able to contact international rescue, man clinging on to side of basket, kid getting rescued, casual conversation had between Thunderbird and dad despite height, cold and extreme wind, man plummeting to ground but Thunderbirds having time to talk about it then grab guy who was absolutely fine! There was another one where a woman fell from below the Thunderbird but he somehow reached out and caught her and as for Parker’s climbing in a massive archive facility! Oh, and later there’d be a very large bouncing rock (That actually blocked a river but Thunderbirds did nothing about!).

I say Thunderbird rather than the individual names because I’m struggling to tell Scott and Virgil apart. I think that their hair colour is the wrong way around and Virgil seems like Scott 2 (Too!) rather than having the slower suaveness of the original character. John features far more prominently than in the original series though dad Jeff seems to be dead but not confirmed dead… so expect to see him pop up in time (?)!

Another interesting character observation is that The Hood’s ethnicity is ambiguous. His skin colour seems to be white and his accent doesn’t cry out Egyptian, Iranian or whatever he originally was. He’s also related to the very Caucasian looking basically female sixth member of Thunderbirds/International Rescue. I think that she’s called Kayo (Not Tintin for obvious reasons!) but The Hood did refer to her by a possibly Japanese sounding name and advise that he’s her uncle. There’s no sign of the Japanese chef (The Hood’s brother I think?) or whoever he was in the original series though.

I’m not quite sure how to describe the animation. Some of it does seem to be models but it’s mostly CGI… and the characters have big eyes, extremely big eyes!

All in all, I’m enjoying it and by daughter has been really into it. Her days of watching Postman Pat are gone but Octonauts and Casper’s Scare School currently compete for airtime!

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