Wednesday Wickets #004

Sorry, there was no Wednesday Wickets last week but this week… it’s back!

Associate Acquisitions?

It’s a shame that Benny Howell hasn’t played for England. The likes of Tom Curran and Chris Jordan (Slower balls included) have probably prevented his path. His career record speaks for itself though…

England rejection doesn’t have to mean the end of Howell’s international ambitions though… he was born in France!

I recently posted about Jade Dernbach representing Italy alongside Gareth Berg and Grant Stewart. Michael Richardson and Craig Meschede are other former county cricketers to have appeared on the European scene having turned out for Germany. Northamptonshire’s Ricardo Vasconcelos could play for Portugal and the likes of Ian Holland and Australian bred Cameron Gannon have represented USA. To be clear, some of those players may well have been born in the country that they’ve played international cricket for. It’s just that their cricketing education was elsewhere and their national allegiance may not have been obvious.

Norway recently appeared in a T10 tournament and I don’t think that any of their players were born in, or had any association with Norway prior to arriving there, in most cases as adults. I’m digressing slightly. Nationality can be fluid and isn’t as simple as been born in a country. I’m not sure about Benny Howell’s parentage and whether they’re French. I think that they were just working there. He’s an example though of somebody who could seize the opportunity to play international cricket and help develop it across Europe and the world. There’s a balance to be found though between expats, players born in a particular country and other quirks of nationality. Integration not segregation is the way and that seems particularly pertinent at this moment in time.

Ireland Go Stateside!

Whether or not the aforementioned Holland and Gannon (Sounds like a firm of solicitors!) are part of the USA team to take on Ireland later this year remains to be seen. USA will host the Emerald Isle for two T20Is and three ODIs around Christmas. That’s great but USA have not been ashamed to carry out an extremely clear international recruitment process. As touched upon in the first part of this post, nationality can be fluid but it’s to be hoped that in time, more Americans can force their way into USA’s cricket team. There are currently very few and will the nation support a team consisting of Xavier Marshall, Rusty Theron and Sami Aslam amongst others?

On that note, unlike Holland and Gannon for example, Marshall, Theron and Aslam have all represented another country at international level. I do believe that when it comes to international sport, once you’ve made your bed… you should lie in it!

Disclaimer: This post wasn’t quite meant to go down this route. The Ireland v USA announcement caught my attention and given my passion for Associate Cricket, made sense as the second article. To be clear, race, religion and nationality can transcend sport, though I do think that we should avoid international sport having what are effectively transfers akin to those you see at domestic level.

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