Young Guns III

Young Guns III is in the pipeline and it’s to be hoped that such a belated addition to a film series that had seemingly reached its conclusion, doesn’t tarnish its legacy!

Some of the actors confirmed to return include ones that appeared to have died in the original films, namely Lou Diamond Phillips in Young Guns II. Of course the only reason that Kiefer Sutherland was killed off was because of… scheduling conflicts!

Whilst the film could go back and expand on what we already know, I guess that would mean either repeating things or skipping them. It seems as though the film will pick up where it left off, though historically I don’t think that leaves much to be played with.

I wonder how the tragic recent events on the set of Rust might have affected the filming of Young Guns III. Their standards may have already been high but presumably like many in the industry, those involved will have revised their protocol and risks.

As a kid, I was obsessed with cowboys and watched the Young Guns films (And re-enacted them) over and over again, despite the 15 rating! It’d be great to go and see Young Guns III at an actual cinema. It’s still some way off but fingers crossed that it doesn’t disappoint!

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