Missing Persons

A rather different post today!

I’m sure that I’m not the only person in the world for whom multiple lockdowns have led to a series of YouTube binges. These binges have involved air traffic control, psychological analysis and lost hikers. Unsolved crime and missing people is an another interest where my interest has been piqued. Today, I’m going to share three of the United Kingdom’s more recent and well known missing persons cases…

Andrew Gosden (2007)

We’ll start with one that is utterly heartbreaking. I know that I won’t be the only person that this case resonates with. There’s something about a fourteen-year-old Yorkshire lad going missing that really hits home. Of course, the missed opportunities and unanswered questions aren’t limited to this case.

Andrew Gosden snuck home from school, bought a one-way train ticket to London, was captured on CCTV leaving the station… and hasn’t been seen in over a decade since! Could the police have acted sooner? Was he going to a music gig where he met with ill harm? Was he groomed by somebody involved with the maths programme that he was involved in? Sadly, it seems unlikely that we’ll ever know!

Claudia Lawrence (2009)

It’s Yorkshire again for the disappearance of 35-year-old Claudia Lawrence. I’m not going to speculate about the intricacies of her personal life but if reports, and let’s face it, police implications are true, then it’s understandable that somebody could’ve had a motive to do her harm. That person may have been directly involved or be a third party, the brother of a wife whose husband was being unfaithful, for example. You’d think that any connection would’ve helped solve the case.

Camera footage captured someone acting in what seemed like an odd manor in the early hours near where Lawrence lived. If she did come to harm at the hands of another, the feeling lingers that she possibly knew her killer. That is of course, if she was killed! I rarely conform to the Started a new life notion but an accident or similar that has left her undiscovered also can’t be ruled out. Sadly, her father (Who successfully campaigned for a change in the law regarding dealing with a missing persons finances etc) passed away not long ago.

Corrie McKeague (2016)

There’s nothing pretty about this disappearance and sadly, we likely already know the answer!

23-year-old Scotsman Corrie McKeague was captured on CCTV in the early hours, heading behind some shops and crucially, to an area where their bins were kept. He was not recorded on camera leaving the area!

The waste company would later confirm that a particular bin was much heavier (Like, the heaviest it was all year!) when collected and McKeague’s phone signal seems to confirm that he entered the Suffolk waste disposal system. His body becoming millions of undetectable pieces spread here, there and everywhere. Some family members accepted this, others cling onto hope. He left behind a very young child!

What are any recent or most famous missing persons cases in your country?

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