Football Friday #003

Romero Returns… to football!

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero recently joined struggling Serie A side Venezia (They of the beautiful shirt!) and has already assumed the number one position.

By clocking up three league appearances, Romero has pretty much halfway to matching what he achieved in six years at Manchester United! Of course Romero did make his fair share of cup outings during his time at Old Trafford and has 96 caps for Argentina. Aged 34 and as is the way with goalkeepers, his peak could yet be ahead of him!

Norwich City: What’s the Point?

No, that headline isn’t meant to be a pun. I’ve just checked and they actually have two points!

Norwich City were relegated from the Premier League with a whimper the season before last and are set to do the same this time around. If they earn promotion from the Championship next season then they should do everybody a favour and let the next highest placed team be promoted instead!

Surely there comes a point where Daniel Farke doesn’t want to go around in circles but would like to challenge himself elsewhere. It’s not as simple as the German not being good enough that’s why The Canaries are in this position.

It’s easy to get carried away with clubs throwing limitless millions away in the quest to go higher and higher but Norwich won’t compromise their club’s (Business’) safety. For their fans though… What’s the Point?

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