Football Friday #002

It’s Football Friday and we start at Anfield…

Minamino Regrets

How Takumi Minamino must regret his transfer to Liverpool. In fact, he must regret playing well against them and catching Manager Jurgen Klopp’s attention!

Having scored 42 goals in 136 league appearances for RB Salzburg, as well as performing in European competition, he’s been consigned to a bit-part (And barely that!) role at Liverpool. A brief loan to Southampton allowed him to demonstrate his qualities but it’s been back to the bench on Merseyside. The attacking midfielder has m notched an impressive 16 goals in only 33 outings for Japan and it’s just such a shame to see the 26-year-old waste his peak years!

Short England Careers

I’m currently reading Chris Sutton’s book (Post coming soon!). Striker Sutton’s England career lasted only twelve minutes. The Premier League winner famously refused a call-up to the England B team during Glenn Hoddle’s tenure.

But who had shorter England careers than Sutton?

Joey Barton and Frazier Campbell did make it to double figures (That’s in minutes obviously!). Then you have to go back to Arsenal’s Brian Marwood (vs. Saudi Arabia) in 1988 and way back to 1928 for West Ham United player Jim Barrett (vs. Ireland). Brighton & Hove Albion’s Peter Ward clocked eight minutes (vs. Australia) in 1980 then it’s onto the sub five-minute men. Of course, the introduction of substitutes means that there’s reason in such short careers been from recent times.

Jack Cork (Who also represented Great Britain) totalled four minutes against Germany. It’s worth pointing out that the records are in official minutes. This will become particularly relevant when we come to number one.

Martin Kelly got two minutes of game time versus Norway but the winner is… Nathaniel Chalobah! The game was already into injury time when Chalobah came on against Spain, so officially he, rather bizarrely, wins with 0 minutes! He did actually clock up nearly seven minutes on the pitch and of course, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he could yet earn a second cap.

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