What’s the Point of These Posts?


I follow French Ligue 1 football (Soccer) side FC Nantes for family reasons. I recently searched for Nantes in the Reader and was presented with about eight different blogs under a variety of normal people’s names (eg: johnsmith@wordpress.com) that all featured the same image of a castle in Nantes. Not different images of the same castle… the same image! None of these posts/blogs had any further text/allowed comments (This a major bug bear of mine!). Now, I haven’t bothered to look at the blogs and see if the rest of the images/posts are the same as each other but be aware, if you’re liking these posts because you think that particular blogger took the photo… they didn’t! Well, maybe one of them did? Of course, without allowing comments, you’re not going to have interacted with the blogger anyway.

So what’s this all about? What’s the point of these posts? Are they artificial duplicates? Is this commonplace across WordPress? Please tell me…

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One thought on “What’s the Point of These Posts?

  1. I assume it’s to drive traffic to a site. It must be some form of clickbait. It’s similar to random likes on random posts looking for you to follow their blog for monetisation


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