Wednesday Wickets #001

Welcome to a new regular feature that will appear each Wednesday. In Wednesday Wickets, I’ll put all (Well, some!) of my cricket thoughts from the last seven days into one post. This is rather than scripting a post and it not seeing the light of day for a few weeks, potentially losing some relevance or requiring altering. It’s just that I would like to stick to one post per day rather than bombarding followers with my thoughts at random intervals all day, every day… like I did with my original cricket blog!

Batter isn’t Woke!

The MCC have amended the terminology batsman to batter. It seems like only five minutes ago that they rejected doing this!

Doing so isn’t woke though. We already use the terms bowler and fielder, not bowlman and… okay, some people do say fieldsman. Batter, bowler and fielder are logical, consistent and can be applied to either men’s or women’s cricket. If people still want to use the terms batsman and batsmen in a men’s game then I personally don’t have a problem with that.

Dernbach’s Back!

Whilst England’s cricketers prepare for the T20 World Cup, a player who in a parallel universe might have been the Jimmy Anderson of England’s T20 side, is doing some World Cup prep of his own. Jade Dernbach, a veteran of 58 white-ball outings for England….

… will be representing Italy at a Regional Qualifier for the 2022 T20 World Cup to be held in Australia…

I’m not a huge fan of players switching national allegiance and could talk for hours about the composition of various Associate cricket nations. However, if Dernbach can inspire Italian children to take up the game then that’d be great, not just for Italy but cricket as a whole. Coincidentally, World Cup winner Liam Plunkett was in my place of work last week. He’s heading to the USA to play and could potentially represent his adopted nation at international level!

Look out for more cricket news, opinions and/or analysis next and every Wednesday!

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