Autumn Stroll

A few days ago, we took the kids to a park/playground. It was a proper autumn day… clear blue skies, cool in the shade but hot under the sun. Isn’t it beautiful when sunlight pierces the trees and illuminates selected parts of the ground?

Autumn is my favourite season. There are parts of all the others that I enjoy but I do like autumn. It’s a great season for a hike or even just a stroll around the garden, particularly when accompanied by a hot drink!

What’s your favourite season?

Oh! By autumn, I mean fall, to some of you!

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Stroll

  1. The fall is my favourite season as well. The landscape looks so beautiful with all the leaves changing colour. The days are still warm and the nights are cool. Plus, there aren’t nearly as many bugs. Sounds like you had a wonderful stroll with your family.


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