Stats, Direction and Thanks

It’s about ten months since I branched out my blog topics. The above graphic displays my views (Actually it doesn’t! It’s about 4,400), visitors (That’s not there either! Abt, 2,100), likes and comments to date. The below image displays my leading views by country.

My most viewed post is…

Yesterday, I received a notification that I’d joined WordPress five years ago. However, I’m a bit confused by the stat ‘Author Views’. It’s far less than my total views, even though I’m the only author on my blog. It doesn’t appear to relate to me viewing my own posts either because those numbers just don’t add up. Can anybody help me? Is it just a discrepancy?

My Song of the Week post every Monday has been well received and that will continue to make an appearance at the start of every week. I’ve been falling behind with my cricket and football (Soccer) related posts. That means some of them potentially go out of date or lose relevance. What I’m going to do now is post about cricket on Wednesday and football on Friday. These will essentially be round-up articles, ultimately multiple posts rolled into one. On other days, I’ll slot in various other subject posts, eg: hiking, days out (I should’ve created a category for that!) and food etc. Obviously many of my book and film (And gaming!) posts can cross over with football and cricket. I may also, dun dun dun… not post at all on the in between days!

I hope that you’re enjoying my blog and get something out of it. Many thanks for following and commenting and look out for more posts soon.

My old cricket blog can be found here:

My old football blog can be found here:

Disclaimer: Statistics correct as at 8:05, 09/10/21. Sorry, I realised after publication that the laptop screenshot didn’t show the same info. as the stats page on my phone!

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