The Adventures of TinTin

About ten years old this film may be… but I finally got around to watching it!

Now I can’t claim to have read the books but like many of my generation, I watched a cartoon version as a kid. This film got some bad press when it was released… but I thought that it started off alright!

It’s sort of a life like cartoon. A little like The Polar Express I think (Though I’ve only ever caught glimpses of that film). I’m not sure how or why. Does it make action sequences easier? Like I say, the film started well. The backstory got a little too deep for me though and derailed the film. I thought that those scenes should’ve been tinted (No pun intended!) as Captain Haddock, his enemy and their ancestors looked exactly the same. The lines between past and present blurred.

The film suffers from the usual ‘Character talking out loud to them self to help explain things to the audience’ device but I thought the imagery was very good. The singer breaking the glass didn’t make any sense though. I mean surely that had happened before!

If you’re a Tintin traditionalist then you should probably stear clear (Which you probably have done for a decade!). If you just want to watch a film, there are far worse ones than this. Supposedly, a sequel remains in the pipeline…

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