Wildlife Park

We visited a local wildlife park about an hour’s drive from home. We definitely did the right thing getting there as soon as it opened!

We got lucky because the polar bears were let out as we were pretty much the only ones walking around, so we saw them running not just lying motionless. The lions were resting but the second time that we walked by the tiger enclosure, they were on the prowl.

There are many other animals including painted dogs which, though I’m in no way a dog fan, I think look quite cool. The one thing that missing was reptiles. I’d love to have seen some crocodiles!

We had a really nice pizza and there are some great play areas. We had a fantastic time in one of the indoor ones.

We were there for almost six hours and unlike some places, we didn’t have to drag it out. It’s not cheap but we’re fortunate to get some discounts. We’ll possibly go again in a few years’ time.

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