Slowly but surely (?!) my tomatoes are progressing. We also have some plants that we bought but my youngest daughter ripped off the tomatoes as soon as they appeared… so I don’t know how much hope I hold out for the above seed grown ones!

I’m quite a brutal pruner, in order to let light in and have less but stronger branches rather than more weaker ones. The tomato plants are situated against the back of the house and I like to convince myself that the heat of the wall will help them grow. In truth, they’re probably not as exposed to sunlight as they need be. Move them somewhere else though and they’d be more vulnerable to wind… and children!

In previous years, the tomatoes haven’t come through until October and we seem to be heading that way again. Rain can cause them to split though as well as birds/insects feasting upon them.

Will I get a soup out of the above? I’m not holding my breath!

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2 thoughts on “Tomatoland

  1. Your tomatoes are looking good. I tried to grow some in my garden without much luck this year. We’ve had a hot and dry summer, which has made gardening a bit challenging, especially when you take some time off to go camping.


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