Rutland Water

My trio and I visited family this weekend and as usual when a little further down the country, visited Rutland Water.

Rutland Water is the largest reservoir (By surface area not capacity) in England. Sadly, even I didn’t deem it worth a swim due to the weather. Had my children not been with me then I probably would’ve gone for it but it seemed unfair to do so when it was far too cold for them. That said, my youngest did boldly brave a brief paddle and my eldest was trying to get to the water’s edge!

Previously, I’ve cycled part of the perimeter (Around 17 miles ex. peninsula) with my eldest daughter behind in a trailer. We went on a boat this time, which considering my youngest hasn’t even been on a bus yet, was nice for her. It’s not cheap though!

We also visited a farm and maze in the area so a pleasant weekend was had.

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