New Tent, New Gear… unexpected epic rain test (FAIL!)!

No, I haven’t bought another new tent! It’s the one that you were introduced to in the following post…

When I run out of blog post ideas, I’ll regret doing this but I’ll throw all the new gear into this one rather than doing lots of separate posts! After realising that the double sleeping mat/bag setup wasn’t going to be fair for the girls, I purchased two sleeping mats for my wife and I, and two for my daughters.

The two I bought for my wife and I are OEX Traverse IMX sleeping mats. They’re the yellow one pictured above. They need inflating and have the sort of square bricklike padding that you often find. They cost £34.20 each from Millets on eBay. They’re a cheaper version of the astronomically priced (£70) Berghaus mat that I have. To inflate them, I used this…

It was struggle to prevent air escaping when detaching the pump and closing the valve (Since used again and didn’t have this problem). How anybody inflates these with their lungs, I’ve no idea! Contrary to some reviews that I’ve read on similar types of mats, I find these quite comfortable.

For the girls, I purchased OEX Traverse 3/4 sleeping mats. They’re the type that you unroll, open the valve and they self-inflate to a degree. Coincidentally, they also from Millets and again, via eBay. They cost £15.70 each.

That they both came from Millets wasn’t intentional. Nor was that they’re both OEX products. Since getting back into camping, I’ve noticed that OEX do offer a wide variety of lightweight camping products. Millets were selling them at reasonable prices. Hopefully the above image highlights the size of the porch area (Mats placed there for photo only) and you can just about see the packed down size of the mats. The length of the yellow one does shorten when inflated as those type of mats do.

I bought Vango Fold Away Pillows for the girls whilst my wife and I have the option of the Trekology Aluft or Outwell Moon Pillow, both of which we now have two. I don’t think that the girls would be comfortable with the inflatable Trekology pillows but they’re welcome to try the moon pillows.

I bought another OEX EV300 sleeping bag so that my wife and I have the same, even if I’m not completely won over by them. It’s three season though and packs down to a respectable size. (Or I thought that it did until my sister showed me her tiny sleeping bag!). The girls were treated to Adventuridge (ALDI) sleeping bags that cost £11.99 each. One features dinosaurs, the other flamingos but they are quite chunky.

One thing that I noticed about the tent which is something I’ve been very conscious of when studying them is that in the event of rain (Both during/after), we’ll have to be careful when opening the door to avoid water falling onto the porch groundsheet. I’ll probably need an old towel/mat placed in the entrance, which kind of makes sense for taking mucky shoes/boots off too. Also, one of my pegs got severely bent whilst I was erecting the tent. The ground was firm but softish (If that makes any sense!). They’re the long thin pegs not the short fatter ones that people often criticise… but one bent already!

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the tent. Yes it’s snug but we can fit and sleep in it. The porch area is generous and comfortable. Now I know how, it’s easy enough to set up, I trust the brand (But wait… !) and it cost less than £100. I’ve also got good gear and the right combinations to go in it now. Here’s to using it in the future!

Then I noticed this!

If that’s not clear, there are droplets (Small pools) of water around the edge of the inside of the tent porch area. My smaller Vango tents have never leaked but of course the porch area of this one only has one barrier. Pools of water like that are better than every drop piercing the tent but what’s happened here?!

The edge of the groundsheet is only attached to the main part at certain points so the water has or can slide underneath the overlap into the grass rather than the main groundsheet. That’s something I suppose but this is disappointing. Maybe that £29.99 Summit tent…

… wouldn’t have fared any worse after all! Vango, I’m disappointed but the rain was intense and if it’s just around the edges like that, as though it’s dripped down then we can survive… I hope!

If you’ve got any ideas/thoughts regarding the leakage then please let me know. I’m disappointed to be disappointed by this tent… but still like it!

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