Taylor’s Coffee Bags

My wife has a couple of contacts who work at Taylor’s and recently we’ve been provided with not only tea bags but… coffee bags!

I think that the first ones might have been English Breakfast but I normally go for the Italian beans from ALDI for my coffee machine. We recently went to Morrison’s because we had a gift card and I treated myself to the Italian Coffee Bags pictured above. They’re delicious! Seriously, they are… really good quality. In fact, I’d be willing to have these in a morning instead of using my machine… although I also bought some Costa Coffee beans that are very tasty. As an ALDI regular for sometime now, the price of some of the products in Morrison’s was a shock to the system but both the bags and beans cost £2 I think, which I thought was reasonable. There’s ten bags and they may have been on offer. They’re maybe a bit of a treat but… they’re extremely good!

I’ve found it a challenge to experience variety with hot drinks (Which may sound absurd!) but I do like Yorkshire Biscuit Brew tea and these Taylor’s Coffee Bags are a welcome addition to the kitchen. I’m even taken some to work!

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