Knaresborough Round

I posted about finally walking the 21-mile Harrogate Ringway recently…

Following that, because we can’t get enough of 21-mile (About 34km) local walks, my sister and I hiked the Knaresborough Round last weekend!

Rather than starting from my front door, this one involved a short drive to our selected starting point and a brief cover of the same (Ringway) but beautiful ground.

We saw two deer, three herons, some buzzards, red kites, possibly sparrowhawks or some other birds of prey, plenty of squirrels and rabbits as well as a variety of fish in a lovely pond that we discovered (That I returned to the following day, only to find that it was part of a private caravan park!).

My sister and I combine my map reading with her GPS and we get by! The signage started promisingly enough but we were stood pointing fingers from many corners of farmer’s fields as the walk went on!

Disclaimer: Re: the train track photo, I had plenty of visibility either way and was at the official crossing. Please don’t do anything silly on train tracks! We actually had a Stand By Me moment on a ‘weak’ farm bridge when we set off across it, only for a car to soon appear behind us. Fortunately the driver was patient!

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