Another New Tent!

Though I love a bargain, I just didn’t have any faith in the £29.99 tent that I bought…

So when I saw this 2021 model Vango Skye 400 selling for £99.99 (£20-£30 cheaper than most retailers) I snapped it up!

It’s a four person tent but the space isn’t generous. Four of us can sleep in the bedroom section but I’m sure that a lot of people would scoff at the size. The inner fabric is a black mesh which is great, particularly as porch windows do let light in. It’s a little flappy at the feet end. This seems to be a thing with Vango tents and I do think it could’ve clipped to the rear of the tent, increasing space without risking getting wet. You can at least stand up in the porch area which is a great space but I almost feel that the bedroom proportions could’ve been slightly more favourable rather than the porch area being so generous.

I did have a right faff setting it up and it does need two people really, which is fine because why would anybody be using a four person tent on their own? That said, I think a few people would do so and wouldn’t consider it suitable for four humans. The bedroom’s for sleeping though and if it’s raining, you can at least play/read etc in the porch area. Don’t get carried away though, I mean if there’s some stuff in there it’ll quickly take up room… and with two children to entertain! Hopefully we’ll be getting out and about though during the day, if and when we do go camping.

I have confidence in Vango tents and the inner and fly sheet are now connected which should make putting the tent up easier. The clips seem inexpensive but suitable. There’s plenty of guy ropes to peg meanwhile the poles are colour coded which is a practical little help. Will it stand upto a full force gale? Mmm…?!

I know that I keep saying it but hopefully I’ll at least do a garden camp with the girls. The weather (Or forecast) hasn’t made it easy. I don’t mind camping in the rain but it’s the getting set-up/packing away that’s the problem. Also being at work/kids at home etc etc etc! I’ve ordered yet more sleeping mats (!) to try and sort the family sleeping configuration, which is far more complicated than it should be. I purchased a double sleeping mat…

… and bag as well as bags for the girls. I’ve ordered mats for the girls as well as pillows because unlike the double mat, they’re not built in. Of course once the girls want to move around, things will go to pot and I would rather they were in the middle to be honest… oh this shouldn’t be so hard!

I will try to sell the £29.99 tent as well as possibly a sleeping mat or two to recoup some money.

Some of the gear… some of the idea!

Disclaimer: Just incase it isn’t obvious, I got a little frustrated when pitching this tent and trying to establish the sleeping arrangement. More posts on this tent soon

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