Batfast Cricket Simulator

On a day when my wife and I took our daughters to both a cinema (The Gruffalo and Zog) and bowling alley, for the first time, I only stumbled upon a cricket simulator!

I faced 9 overs (54 balls) for £10. I think that I actually got three more overs (Six deliveries) than I was supposed to, according to the price list anyway!

Now I’ve obviously played cricket at amateur (Very amateur!) level and you have no idea how fast the bowler is bowling. The simulator only offered 30-50mph. I think that this was because it was unsupervised. It also only bowled right-arm pace (It didn’t seem to let me change it). Anyway, it was an eye opener as to how fast professional bowlers bowl. Pace bowlers generally operate north of 80mph with 90mph not out of the question. Well these 50mph deliveries that I was facing seemed to be travelling at a fair lick!

I tried to bat properly, stand correctly and hit straight but also attempted the odd ramp (Or other uncharacteristic modern shots!). There was also a baseball simulator next to the cricket one.

It was good fun and I’ll definitely do it again if out that way once more… if it’s still there!

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2 thoughts on “Batfast Cricket Simulator

    1. It was in the TenPin bowling at Clifton Moor, York. There’s a few more dotted about the country. Mancs & Luton amongst others I think. Info. on their website.

      Yeah, basically a bowling machine but you’ve got a sort of computer screen with a bowler running up.


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