Race Around the World

I think that I paid £1 for this game at a car boot sale…


It was £1 well spent!

Ignoring the fact that we set off the wrong way around the board (In our defence, you have to go anti-clockwise!) it was an enjoyable game.

There are five categories from which to answer questions. These include capitals, a photo category as well as food and drink. I like to think that I know my capitals but it’s not my wife’s favourite category! We both got a bit stuck on food and drink though she fared better than me.

I really enjoyed the last bit (When I won!) where you have to answer two simultaneous questions correctly. I got extremely fortunate with the final combo!

It’s a simple but effective game. We picked it up out of the box quickly (Well, apart from going the wrong way around!). I’m sure that it’d be enjoyable (But longer) with more players. It’s a good opportunity to display but also acquire some world knowledge. I laughed out loud when asking my wife some questions (Sorry!) that I just knew she’d never answer correctly in a million years!

Having a laugh, communicating and learning. In the modern era of so much screen time, board games etc shouldn’t be ignored. I’d thoroughly recommend Race Around the World!

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