Charles Bentley Double Sleeping Mat

You know that post I did about all those sleeping mats…

Well, I bought another one… a double!

I haven’t slept on it yet but have set it up and it seemed okay. I know that when I camped using a similar single version, it was pretty hard on my back but fingers crossed this will be okay. It’s one of those self-inflating ones. As is the norm, it did so to an extent before I provided some lung contribution. The pillow sections, which really add value to the already budget mat, are separate and I used my Flextailgear Tiny Pump…

That was also really useful when deflating them. On that note… Am I doing something wrong when rolling up the whole thing? I always seem to be fighting against these sort of mats re-inflating themselves!

I photographed it alongside a cricket bat so that you can gauge the packed down size. It was only £29.99 from Charles Bentley, a company that sell a little bit of camping equipment alongside mostly indoor and outdoor furniture.

I’m hoping that the girls and I can do a garden camp before the summer is out, even if a genuine outdoor adventure will probably have to wait another year.

I’ve also purchased a double sleeping bag. A future post maybe…

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4 thoughts on “Charles Bentley Double Sleeping Mat

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting a double sleeping mat. I just came back from a camping trip and it turns out that the sleeping pad that I’ve had for the past five years has a hole in it. I’m going to see if I can fix it, but this may be a sign to start shopping around for a new one.

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