Alcafe House Blend

During the first Lockdown here in the UK, my wife assumed shopping duties… so that she could get out of the house once a week!

So now, rare occasion is it that I venture into ALDI. However, last week we went together for about the third time since all ‘this’ began (Even if we shouldn’t!). In my defence, we both needed specific things for separate events and it was quiet enough. Also, the kids came with us, they weren’t left home alone!

Anyway, I stumbled upon Alcafe House Blend. I normally go with the green Italian packet which, if I put enough milk in, is a creamyish coffee. Occasionally, I pluck for the redy/purply Espresso packet to provide some variety. I never liked the blue Nicaraguan coffee and as for any others they’ve put on the shelves!

The House Blend is what you’d expect. It’s nothing special but nor is it offensive. It’s a reasonable if unspectacular start to the day. I’ll go back to Italian if it’s in stock next week but will be happy to have House Blend from time to time.

Do you have any coffee recommendations?

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