2nd T20I: England vs. Pakistan at Headingley

Firstly, as the photos indicate, this was real life… not a computer game!

Rather than taking the train, which is what I’ve always done when attending the cricket at Headingley, I drove. I got there early and parked a ten-minute walk away. Even if it was possible to park closer, there’s little value in doing so because you’ll just be stuck in traffic after the match.

Whilst waiting for my friend, I sat on a bench and had a lengthy conversation with a man about the state of the game. We also couldn’t help but observe two young ladies that were dressed for the beach walk between us. Literally, they were in bikinis and to be clear… Leeds is a long way from the seaside!

When it came to entering the stadium, we queued for ages (Almost in the middle of a crossroads!) to get a wristband (For what reason, I’ve no idea!) when we seemingly could’ve gone straight in. Also, all the faff beforehand regarding doing a COVID test and getting a COVID Pass on the app… nobody even checked!

I did at least find out why the tickets cost £65 each. It was because we were in the high up seats in the fancy stand! It was great to watch the match from that perspective… it was great to watch a match at all!

England went onto win quite comfortably, therefore levelling the three-match series 1-1. Sorry, no in-depth write-up!


More cricket might have to wait until next year but it was great to be back!

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