New Tent Revisited – (Brief) Rain Test!

Earlier this summer, I posted about my new tent…

It took all of five minutes for it to fail a rain test! Actually that’s a lie … it was five seconds!

In its defence, I’d spotted the problem and should’ve done something about it but the rain was on me quicker than I’d anticipated. Basically, the door (What do you call them? Cord hook things!) attach to the same pegs as the porch groundsheet but leave the groundsheet protruding underneath the door. So obviously when it rained, the water caught the groundsheet and made its way into the porch area. It was amazing how quickly this happened! Anyway, I recently bought some extra pegs, so what I did was pitch two pegs (One for either side of the door) a little further out. That way, I could have the door reach further out than the porch and keep the area dry… apart from the fact that it was already wet!

As the sun set, it was noticeable just how bright it was in the tent. The inner is white and the direct sun poured through. That’s somewhat of a concern when thinking about early mornings!

I didn’t actually conduct a full rain test as it’s just not practical for me to leave the tent in the garden when I’m at work the next day and the kids are at home! I’m not sure how optimistic I am though for the waterproofness of this tent. I felt like specs were getting through into the porch area, where there’s only one barrier of defence. Maybe I was imagining them and I’m being pessimistic (Who me?!) but having paid only £29.99 and been greeted with a load of loose threads, I’m a little lacking in confidence regarding this tent! We’ll see though and if it turns out to only be suitable for summer nights in the garden then that’s fine.

Thinking ahead to camping with the girls, this has already made me realise that I might prefer a slightly different design and I’d be happy/more confident in buying a more expensive (And potentially better quality) family shelter. Though letting girls go wild in a very cheap one in the garden is probably a sensible start! I’ve seen one or two others including a Vango option and think that a sidewards entrance into the porch area rather than the angled entrance may better. I still like this tent (And have high hopes… at the risk of sounding contradictory!) and it’s a common design but there’s little way of preventing rain getting in if it’s errr… raining, when you’re getting in or out!

Anyway, that’s it for my most recent camping (Or non-camping!) experience. Look out for some more outdoor related posts soon!

Have you been able to get out camping this year?

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Planet Paul

2 thoughts on “New Tent Revisited – (Brief) Rain Test!

  1. It’s always good to test your gear out, especially if it’s something new, you haven’t used it in awhile, or you’ve purchased second hand. We’ve seen a lot of people just hang a tarp over their tent, which is another option.

    We’ve been on a few camping trips so far this year. We’ve had an unusually rainy summer so it’s been a good way to test out the waterproofness of our tent!

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