Apple Tree

I live in what was my paternal grandparents’ house, purchased brand new in the early 1960s. When I was young, there was an apple tree in the back garden that I used to climb… but somebody chopped it down!

We’ve since been gifted a new one but are yet to have great success. Last year, the apples didn’t quite taste good enough. The texture suggested that they hadn’t grown as much as required. They weren’t far off though and were probably okay for cooking. I assume that they’ll come on stronger as the years go by and the tree matures.

It’d be welcome if the tree reached greater heights and spread out a little in order to offer some shade during the summer. It doesn’t seem to have been as hot as last year but a little more cover for when on the lawn would be great.

Fingers crossed that our apples come good because I don’t know how much hope I hold out for the tomatoes…

Do you grow anything in your garden, balcony or windowsill etc?

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2 thoughts on “Apple Tree

  1. Fingers crossed that with time, your apples will taste better. I currently have a raspberry bush in my backyard which we’ve been enjoying. Next spring we have plans to put in a larger garden and grow some of our own veggies.


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