Camping (Not in my Garden!)

Having done a few garden camps recently (Check them out by clicking on the camping tab), I finally took my tent beyond my back garden!

The campsite was on a farm about twenty minutes from home. Entering involved opening and closing a gate on a steep descent (Handbrake firmly on!) then driving down a steep crumbly road (And obviously having to do the reverse later!). Fortunately, the rain abated for my set-up. There was a lot of loose grass as well as being on a bit of an angle. I tried to pitch my tent so that I wouldn’t spend the night sliding to one side… but only half succeeded!

I was glad that I took a fleece because though my tent would be warm enough through the night, outside did chill quickly as the evening set in. I found that my new sit mat was great for the knees when putting things in the tent as well as when cooking. On such dry grass, my metal table was really sensible when lighting my gas stove.

I was going to revert to the one sleeping mat that I can inflate myself but heard others buzzing away pumping up airbeds, so I used my fantastic tiny pump (Will probably get a whole post to itself!) to inflate my £70(!) Berghaus mat. Quite what any cows within a ten mile radius will have made of it… I don’t know! On that note, just as in my garden, the sounds of the birds were fascinating, though drowned out a little at times by the chat of fellow campers. Despite being away from main roads and just as has been the case at home, the vroom vroom of boy (Or girl!) racers penetrated the landscape.

Having previously thought that my inflatable Trekology pillow was at too much of an angle, I actually slept with it beneath a fabric moon pillow and it was extremely comfortable. I had a good night’s sleep despite the lean and had my fellow campers quietened then I would’ve drifted off much sooner.

Come the morning, it was misty and to my pleasant surprise, the shower was… wonderful!

I had intended hiking around the reservoir to test out my ankles/boots again but rain was already falling and set to be accompanied by lightning later! With my eldest daughter unwell and a big football match (England at the Euros!) on later that day, I headed home. Still, I’ve been camping beyond the confines of my garden for the first time in a number of years (Which seems absurd!) so feel less of a fraud when posting about camping and equipment!

It was a bit weird to be surrounded by families in their huge tents but made me look forward to taking the girls in the future.

Have you had any enjoyable camping experiences?

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2 thoughts on “Camping (Not in my Garden!)

  1. Glad to hear that you’ve tested out your camping gear beyond your backyard now!! We just came back from a camping trip. We took all of last week off to go on a road trip and camped at a few different parks.


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