Stats Update and Thank You!

It’s around six months since I ditched my long standing cricket blog and started rambling about a variety of things.

I’ve got a wonderful 156 followers (All completely genuine of course!)…You’re all amazing! I’ve had 2862 views from about half as many visitors… very nice, thank you! Recently, I rather randomly received a notification about reaching… 1337 likes?! 90 comments (Including a few responses from me!) is also great. I seem to have a loyal base of followers who are viewing my posts most days as one or two slightly obscure countries (Turkey, Romania, Malaysia and Nigeria) show as visiting regularly. By obscure, I mean not the usual table toppers who are of course UK (1,180), USA (482) and India (425). My map still requires a fair bit of colouring in though, so please tell your friends in Palau, Eritrea and Kazakhstan about Planet Paul!

I noticed that when I took a few days off that I got no views (Or I got some spam likes that far outweighed my number of views!). That’s interesting though because I used to always get hits via search engines on my cricket blog where as Planet Paul seems more reliant on Reader. Part of that comes down to regularly blogging about a rather niche computer game though. For the record, I don’t use any social media to promote my blog.

I’ll continue to blog about hiking, books and (Some!) cricket amongst many other things.

Many thanks for following and please don’t hesitate to comment as it’s nice to have that interaction.

Disclaimer: All stats correct as of late last night!

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I'm just an ordinary guy sharing my thoughts on various sports, entertainment and one or two other things!

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