Tea for Me!

Sometime ago, possibly for my birthday early last year, my wife bought me an infuser cup and some tea. In fact, I’ve just remembered that I blogged about it…


The shop that my wife made the purchase from has only recently reopened following Lockdown/relocating (To the shop next door to where they were, I think!). So I was finally able to pop in and get some quality loose tea.

First up is Vanilla Supreme, which, following a recent experience with a tea bag of a similar flavour, I should probably have known wasn’t going to be to my taste! However, I also purchased Tanzania because it was sat amongst all the different types of Assam. I’ve always found Assam to be not too far removed from English Breakfast etc but offering some variety at least. I’m loving it. It’s quite strong, though I have been brewing them for a good few minutes. That said, the measuring of loose tea that I use is generous but not excessive. The tea is noticeably granule like rather than leaf looking. I think that each bag was in the £5-£6 region for 100g. That’s not cheap but the quality is there and they do last a reasonable while, well, if you have one or two cups a day, not three or four!

Online I think that they have a few more options as well as some coffee, so I will likely make a purchase. I think that the packets might be smaller but it’ll be good to sample some other flavours. I may use some as a camping treat… if I ever actually go camping!

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